About Us

Find Local Customers Online was founded by  me … John G. Kelly  an internet expert and #1 bestselling author.

I combine a classical marketing training with the knowledge and experience of online gained in the trenches.

I am a native of the UK and rose through the marketing ranks of Thomas Cook, Smith & Nephew and Colgate Palmolive. Colgate moved me to New York and then to San Juan Puerto Rico (somebody had to go!).  No small assignment as this was Colgate’s 6th largest profit earning subsidiary. In 1988 after “falling out” with the GM, I moved to Boston and spent 9 years with Bausch and Lomb.

In 1997 I started my own marketing consulting and speaking business. I saw my mission as to help businesses connect with potential customers to generate more leads, sales and profits. I have worked with a wide range of clients: enterprise level healthcare and software developers, medical software vendors, real estate agents, sunroom installers, aquarium maintenance and home repair/remodelers.

I  wrote and published my #1 bestseller “Stress Free Internet Marketing for Businesses: 7 Steps to Grow your Profits and Financial Peace of Mind” in 45 days. It was #1 in highly competitive categories.  It has stayed in the top 20 for months.  Its longevity in the rankings is  due to the fact it is packed with actionable, tried and tested techniques.  I can also help aspiring authors achieve the same success.

I live in Wayland, Massachusetts with my partner Louise. I love to play soccer, act in community theatre, tap dance (occasionally) and foster kittens. For some reason I like the smell of gasoline and skunk yet I distrust sushi, tapioca and fruit flavored beer and tea.