About Us

Find Local Customers Online was founded by me … John G. Kelly.  I am an internet expert and a bestselling author.

I combine classical marketing training with the knowledge and experience gained in the trenches.

I am a native of the UK and rose through the marketing ranks of Thomas Cook, Smith & Nephew, and Colgate Palmolive. Colgate moved me to New York and then to San Juan Puerto Rico.  No small assignment as this was Colgate’s 6th largest profit-earning subsidiary.

In 1988 I moved to Boston and spent 9 years with Bausch and Lomb.

In 1997 I started my own marketing consulting and speaking business. I saw my mission as helping businesses connect with potential customers to generate more leads, sales, and profits.

I have worked with a wide range of clients: enterprise-level healthcare and software developers, medical software vendors, real estate agents, sunroom installers, aquarium maintenance, and home repair/remodelers.

I  wrote and published my #1 bestseller “Stress-Free Internet Marketing for Businesses: 7 Steps to Grow your Profits and Financial Peace of Mind” in 45 days. It reached #1 in 3 highly competitive categories.  It is still ranked well.  Its longevity comes from being packed with actionable, tried, and tested techniques.

I live in Wayland, Massachusetts with my partner Louise. I love to play soccer, act in community theatre, tap dance, and foster kittens.

Useless trivia:  I like the smell of gasoline and skunk yet I distrust sushi, tapioca, and fruit-flavored beer and tea.

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