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I help businesses find new customers, sales and profits.

Internet expert and #1 best selling marketing author
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New Customers from Facebook Ads 

Proven Strategy

If you are a fit I will run a test campaign for just $100.  

You pay the ad spend. 

Local Business #1

Got back $5.48 for every $1 spent in ad spend (incl my regular fees).

Local Business #2

Got back $4.42 for every $1 spent in ad spend(incl my regular fees).

Want Customers from Google Ranking?

Page 1 listings with a proven content plan.

Want to make a low risk bet?

I will get you page 1  rankings and when I do - you pay me $100.

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Customer Generation for Service Industries

Live Inbound Exclusive Calls with NO crazy Homeadvisor sharing 

I will drive calls directly to you.

Paid by the call .  


100% done for you service.  

All you have to do is take the call.  
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Convert Website Visitors

Step #1 =Traffic  

Step #2 - convert as many as possible into sales or "identified leads".


I can boost your conversion rates for more leads & sales. 

I recently grew a client's leads by 319% over a full year
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Call 781-405-6772    

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