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Are you a business owner looking for someone to cut through all the jargon and give you fast direct impartial advice on the vast array of marketing programs you are bombarded with?

How do you choose?  Who do you trust?  I can help with that.

Your goal is to promote your business to increase sales and do it in the best, most efficient way possible.  Maximizing every dollar.

Marketing Help

Evaluate if you should spend money on any ad vehicle

What content is best? What is your best-selling story?

Content creation, sales process, and messaging.

Marketing Expert

My name is John G. Kelly. I am a marketing expert and the #1 Best Selling author of “Stress-Free Internet Marketing for Businesses: 7 Steps to Grow Your Profits and Financial Peace of Mind”.  I have deep knowledge of online marketing from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to Search Engine Marketing (paid advertising online), plus all the components that go into making it successful:  strategy, branding, positioning, messaging, sales process, estimates/modeling, etc.

After a successful career, I want to share my accumulated knowledge with companies that need that 1 on 1 marketing support. My hourly rates are excellent value and the initial consultation is free.

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