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I help businesses find new customers, sales and profits.
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Power SEO for Traffic 

Click below to attract customers & sales with a proven low cost yet fast & simple SEO program. 

There are 2 vital components to powerful SEO that drives organic traffic.

1. Relevant keyword content
2. Backlinks from relevant high ranking sites

#1 is  easy - #2 is incredibly hard.  It's why agencies will charge you THOUSANDS for keyword rankings.

Let us put both in place for a very low investment. Find out more  Click here

Authority/Google 3 Pack

Click below to be found in the organic and 3-pack results using a proven content plan that gets attention fast

44% of organic traffic comes from the Google 3-pack (example above)

My service helps you reach the vital 3 pack as well as organic. You get 5 key benefits:

Authority Links
Media Recognition
Citations others dont have
Improved Reputation
Traffic and Ranking

We'll prove it in a free test.  To find out more Click here

No More Cold Calling

Find out below how you can generate inbound calls from prospects and never do cold calling again.

We directly drop messages into prospects voicemail to create 5-10 INBOUND calls a day.  


This is a 100% done for you service.  All you have to do is take the call.  What a relief!
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Powerful Conversion Tools

Getting traffic is step #1.  Step 2 is to convert as many as possible into sales or "identified leads".


Use my two easy to implement tools to increase  your conversion rates for more leads & sales.

I grew a client's leads by 319% in '16.
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Grow Your Amazon Sales

Amazon is a search engine.  I can grow your Amazon product.  I am prepared to prove it by working for free until the growth happens.
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