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By John G. Kelly / April 24, 2017

When you achieve "authority" in Google's eyes you can rank in organic results and get placed in the Google 3 pack.

This is an example of the Google 3 pack.

The 3 pack is a powerful place to be as it is generates 44% of all organic clicks and calls.   It can make a significant impact on any business.

The goal of this service is to get into both the 3 pack and the other organic results. They often go hand in hand once you establish authority.

We create Authority Links, Media Recognition, Authority Citations (that 98% of businesses don’t have), Improved reputation, Ranking & Traffic.

- We generate content and can guarantee it gets posted within 24-48 hours.
- Our distribution system guarantees the content gets placed on high authority up to DA 80 (Domain Authority) media sites.
- The content is optimized to include your important keywords e.g. "golf elbow injury treatment Boston" and it will rank for a variety of keywords.
- Short term there may be no major traffic effect as it will rank for lower volume keywords first but over 1-4 months (it varies) the repeated monthly campaign rankings and citations build up. This becomes self fulfilling and traffic, backlinks & citations and rankings all increase together.

Keywords in competitive markets will take normally longer but if you are in a town of under 100,000 you can quickly reach the Google 3 pack.
We did this in a very competitive market NYC Real Estate and had the client's site ranking in organic and the 3-pack in 2 months!!! 

 Let's make a bet!  I will improve your exposure and when I show you the results you pay me $100.  Fair enough?

Call me 781-405-6772  

When you achieve “authority” in Google’s eyes you can rank in organic results and get placed in the Google 3 pack.

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