V.I.P Sales Growth Day

By John G. Kelly / September 5, 2015

Create an action plan for a proven process to solve your key marketing issues.  The common topics are these:

1) How do I get more results/sales from my website?  I have no idea where to begin.

Most websites get just 2% of visitors to take the action e.g. buy, call or sign up.  What a waste.

A key element is to have a goal driven site – what do you want visitors to do…and then design to that goal.
It often means cleaning up the pages, putting in calls to action but above all to focus.
We’ll discuss content and how to structure that content and important tech issues like tags.
At the end of the day you will have a plan of what you need to implement for your site plus an outline of the home page and interior pages which can be given to a designer to modify or create.

There are effective tools that can increase your conversion without website changes.(see this conversion article)

2) I want more online sales.  Online marketing/SEO is confusing with many avenues to choose from and previous results have not been stellar.  I want a road map on how to grow sales rather than just likes, tweets or comments.

Content and onsite SEO including site structure, linking and tags
Content strategy for placement on other sites (and your sites)
Conversion optimization..(see #1 above)

3)  My advertising seems to have little effect.  It used to work what is wrong? What do I need to do differently

Analyze the ads for what message they are sending

Focus on creating a USP and hot buttons


Structure of a VIP Day

Call/Session  1            60 mins Break 15 mins
Call/Session  2            60 mins Break 30 mins
Call/Session  3            60 mins Break 15 mins
Call/Session  4            60 mins Break 15 mins
Call/Session  5            60 mins

Agenda for a V.I.P. Day on How to Turn Your Website into a Customer & Sales Magnet.

Here is a list of the types of items we would cover on one of these days.  It is not complete but gives you a good idea of the topics to be covered.  This will be a very focused and busy day.

  1. How Search is both your friend and potential “enemy”
  2. Why become less reliant on Google
  3. Your website as an asset/tool
  4. 2 Goals for a website
  5. 3 Questions to define your goals
  6. Prioritize the goals and selection
  7. Impact on design
  8. Logo Navigation /Footer
  9. How to create a content strategy
  10. how to create content quickly and easily
  11. What content should be on your site
  12. Technical aspects to SEO and your site.  meta tags and Schema etc


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