Authority and The Google 3 Pack

By John G. Kelly / April 24, 2017

When you achieve "authority" in Google's eyes you can rank in organic results and get placed in the Google 3 pack.

This is an example of the Google 3 pack.

The 3 pack is a powerful place to be as it is generates 44% of all organic clicks and calls.   It can make a significant impact on any business.

The goal of this service is to get into both the 3 pack and the other organic results. They often go hand in hand once you establish authority.

We create Authority Links, Media Recognition, Authority Citations (that 98% of businesses don’t have), Improved reputation, Ranking & Traffic.

- We generate content and can guarantee it gets posted within 24-48 hours.
- Our distribution system guarantees the content gets placed on high authority up to DA 80 (Domain Authority) media sites.
- The content is optimized to include your important keywords e.g. "golf elbow injury treatment Boston" and it will rank for a variety of keywords.
- Short term there may be no major traffic effect as it will rank for lower volume keywords first but over 1-4 months (it varies) the repeated monthly campaign rankings and citations build up. This becomes self fulfilling and traffic, backlinks & citations and rankings all increase together.

Keywords in competitive markets will take normally longer but if you are in a town of under 100,000 you can quickly reach the Google 3 pack.
We did this in a very competitive market NYC Real Estate and had the client's site ranking in organic and the 3-pack in 2 months!!! 

Call me 781-405-6772   I'll put my money where my mouth is - for $50 I will create content and publish for you so you can see for yourself.

When you achieve “authority” in Google’s eyes you can rank in organic results and get placed in the Google 3 pack.

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